We're in the thick of the summer months, which means it's time to embrace the colors and feelings we have when we think of the best season of the year! (Well, that's up for debate - but it's a really good one! We can all agree on that...)

Beach Paradise

We've got the perfect summer color crush - Sunshine Yellow! It's just the color you see in your mind when you picture summer, isn't it?!


Yellow just makes us happy, and it packs a zesty punch!


So why not add a few hits into your home?! We love adding pops of color (especially yellow!) into  our installs. Like here at the clubhouse at Veranda we just finished. Pillows could be the easiest and most fun way to add yellow into your home!

Design Works Veranda
Design Works Veranda

Here are some more of our favorite examples from some of our own projects...

Design Works Arcadia Run
Design Works Arcadia Run
Design Works Veranda
Design Works Veranda
Design Works Cadence at Crown
Design Works Cadence at Crown

Another great way to add some summer sun? Accessories! Like some of these table accessories from Cyan and Global Views or lighting fixtures from David Trubridge Design or LBL Lighting?!


Or throw some artwork with a splash of the seasons favorite color in it to brighten up any room!     We're loving these abstract pieces from Art.com, Surya and Left Bank Art.


Or maybe you want to go a little bigger... how abut a piece of yellow furniture to add a little sunshine!? A chair from Cyan, a table from All Modern, the perfect touch to any room!


And sometimes - you gotta go big or go home! We're talking yellow wall color to brighten up the space if you're looking for a more permanent "happy". We love Farrow and Ball Paint's Yellow Cake No. 279. An uncompromising vivid yellow sure to liven up your space.


In one of our recent installs, we took the yellow wall and took it a step further - adding the always popular stripe. It breaks it up a little and puts an interesting twist on a smaller bathroom space!

Design Works Veranda
Design Works Veranda

You can't tell us that doesn't make you just a little bit happier?! A touch of summers hottest color anywhere in your home is sure to put a smile on your face 🙂 Happy, happy summer to you all!

Spring means sunshine, fresh air and lots of time spent outside enjoying it. And one thing thats sure to come when warm weather hits - bugs! Whether its beetles, butterflies, or bees; insects are everywhere in the springtime... including some of our favorite spaces!


The bugs aren't just outside anymore! Nope, now they're inside, and bringing a little piece of nature with them.

bug7  bug3

Butterflies are one of the most common and the most etherial ones to start with.

DSC_2035 butterfly chairs

We used this beautiful Mercana artwork to bring a bit of the outside in at one of our latest installs.


They have a classic feel when framed and in an assortment of colors. Or put a one wing canvas over your bar cart for a more modern look.

bugs7 bug8

We used these Mercana prints in one of our recent models!


Pottery Barn has this beautiful Mariposa Butterfly Shadow Box that really adds some color to a workspace.

bug11 bug12

No matter how you use them, they bring a fun, airy feel to every room!


But butterflies aren't the only bugs out there! Bees have also become a trend that we're pretty buzzed about (see what we did there??) You can go all out with a wallpaper or add little touches like this adorable little curtain hardware from Anthropologie.

bugs10  bug15

But you can also go a little out of the box and and get crafty with the bugs you're letting permanently live in your home! The wall hangings give an easy, laid back almost educational vibe where the bejeweled bugs add a little sparkle!

bug21 bug18

On a recent visit to Renwick Gallery in DC, we explored this awesome exhibit called 'WONDER'. One of our favorite parts was Jennifer Angus's 'In the Midnight Garden'.



Each design is created by real live insects! Angus hasn't changed or colored them in anyway - these are exactly how they are in real life! They are from Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea and the pink color on the walls is actually from the Cochineal insect living on Cacti in Mexico! How amazing!?



See, bugs can be beautiful! Even if you don't want a whole chair full of them (although, how cute is this one!?) You can grab a cute little gold beetle paper weight or some butterfly pillows to toss on the couch to help bring the serenity that is found in nature right into your home.


global-views-bug  bug19

Or if you don't want them creeping into your living room, you can still get some bugs into your life. Try these plates from Anthropologie or these classy black and white linen napkins.

bug16  bug17

So have fun with it! Enjoy spring and all is has to bring - even the bugs!



You know how much we love the spring furniture market! As the air outside gets a fresh new feeling, so does the inside of your favorite room. Here are some of the trends we were loving at this years market... Click on any pictures you like and it will take you right to where you can get it! Dangerous, right?!

Its looking like the lucite look just won't go away - and we're okay with that. We saw it everywhere - from legs of stools to furniture frames. The translucent appearance is still trending, and going even further than before...

market worlds away  market cr laine
market gabby homes market vanguard  market vanguard 2

And you may have noticed some gold in that last group... that's a whole other trend in and of itself! We saw a ton of gold metal antiqued tops with nail head details.

market four handsmarket four hands 2  market dove tail

And just when you thought one coffee table was enough? Nope! it's all about pairs this season.

market sunpan market sunpan 2 market four pan 3

market vanguard 3 market vanguard 4

And speaking of trends that outlast time... let's talk about this one: fur! Put it on or under or around anything and we like it!

market sunpan 3  market sunpan 4  market ambella homemarket maussad market massoud 2

And mongolian sheepskin fur... not just for pillows anymore!

market massoud 3

market ella home

market worlds away 4  market moss studio



It's one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Coachella brings thousands of people to Indio, California for two three-day weekends in April for the musical experience of a lifetime.


The fashion at Coachella has become something of a phenomenon. "Festival wear" inspired by the bohemian vibe of the event has sparked a whole new style. a20

Its a fun, carefree feel, and we couldn't not try to bring that vibe into our homes!


So here are some of our favorite finds to bring the Coachella spirit from the deserts of California right into your living room.




A great way to feel the "free"? Bring in some greenery!

a12 a11  a14

Or add a fun, funky pillow to throw some boho into the mix...

a3 a5


But... why stop at pillows?! What about some beautiful throws or some brightly patterned rugs??


Or theres always wall art to bring a new air to your space! You can add some calm, cool, collectibles like these...



It's all about bringing the outside in, and making the space feel homey and free!


So even if you can't be at Coachella, you can have your own "couch-ella"...


Cheers to festival season!!



One of the best things about a new season? A fresh batch of colors to obsess over! Right now, we're crushing on Smokey Lavender.

cc1 cc3 cc2

Whether your planning a dinner party outside or want a little splash of unexpected color in your décor – lavender is a color that goes with almost everything!

cc7  cc4

To add just a hint - we love this Lavender Mist Paint from Benjamin Moore...


But maybe you don't want to go all out lilac... don't worry! You can make it work for you by adding a few pops of purple. Lavender accent pieces add just enough color without feeling overwhelming!

cc9  cc10

Or add a little lecture with the Malachite Wallpaper in dirty lavender from Brett Design, Inc.


Accessories, the perfect way to embrace your new color crush... We are LOVING this Shibori Pillow in grey-Lilac by Rebecca Atwood and this Global Views Acrylic Chair with a pretty little Lavender Upholstered Seat.

cc17     cc19

And here are our favorite textiles, so you can do whatever you want with them to add the lovely lavender into your life! We like the Curve Washable Twilight fabric from Kirkby Design and the Avignon Tape in Lavender by Lee Jofa.


And just look how fun (and simple!) it is to design with pretty pastels!



But wait... it gets even better! Check out this chalk paint by Annie Sloan! With a subtle touch, it’s a great way to spruce up an old dresser, a cabinet... anything! The perfect breath of fresh air for Spring!


And we said smokey lavender is our color crush of the season, meaning it's everywhere! Not just in design elements...


So add in our favorite spring color anywhere and everywhere and get ready for a beautiful Spring!

This year Pantone has selected not one, but two colors for their colors of the year for 2016.

1 pantone color

Joined together, the pair evokes a sense of tranquility in their balance of warm pink and cool blue tones helping us to find that inner peace in today’s increasingly hectic world.

1 blue wall pink bed

These colors have been called ‘Genderful’ and are thought to provoke a feeling of serenity when used in your home.

With Valentine’s day ahead, these colors made us think of a budding romance and the sweet moment when boy meets girl!

boy and girl

Serenity & Rose Quartz combine for a sense of masculine & feminine... reminding us that Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

1 pink blue wall  1-PINK-CHAIR-FLOOR

Layers of pink and blue create texture and speak to the many facets of love and the Pantone colors chosen for 2016!


Incorporate the colors Rose Quartz and Serenity into your home and tap into it’s calming effect!


You can even add a splash of these colors in unexpected areas of your home!

1 pink accessories

1 blue couch

Modern lines and soft hues... something we like to call ‘Soft Contemporary’.

1 pink room

Accents of periwinkle and dusty rose combined with a neutral palate bring a breath of fresh air to the space... and who doesn’t love to say the word periwinkle?

1 pink room 4 1 pink lamp  1 pink curtains 2

A perfect example of how to use both serenity and rose quartz with other colors to create a complete look.

1 complete loook

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!

1 xoxo flowers1 kisses

We've loved sharing our favorite holiday decorations leading up to Christmas! But of course, nothing makes your home more festive than friends and family.


As we end our Christmas countdown and close for the Holidays, we take a look back to early December when we kicked off our Holiday celebration with a great lunch at Eddie V’s, Christmas Cocktails and baubles from our favorite jewelry designer, Kendra Scott!

Warm Holiday wishes to all of you from all of us at Design Works Interiors!