Bugging Out this Spring!

Spring means sunshine, fresh air and lots of time spent outside enjoying it. And one thing thats sure to come when warm weather hits - bugs! Whether its beetles, butterflies, or bees; insects are everywhere in the springtime... including some of our favorite spaces!


The bugs aren't just outside anymore! Nope, now they're inside, and bringing a little piece of nature with them.

bug7  bug3

Butterflies are one of the most common and the most etherial ones to start with.

DSC_2035 butterfly chairs

We used this beautiful Mercana artwork to bring a bit of the outside in at one of our latest installs.


They have a classic feel when framed and in an assortment of colors. Or put a one wing canvas over your bar cart for a more modern look.

bugs7 bug8

We used these Mercana prints in one of our recent models!


Pottery Barn has this beautiful Mariposa Butterfly Shadow Box that really adds some color to a workspace.

bug11 bug12

No matter how you use them, they bring a fun, airy feel to every room!


But butterflies aren't the only bugs out there! Bees have also become a trend that we're pretty buzzed about (see what we did there??) You can go all out with a wallpaper or add little touches like this adorable little curtain hardware from Anthropologie.

bugs10  bug15

But you can also go a little out of the box and and get crafty with the bugs you're letting permanently live in your home! The wall hangings give an easy, laid back almost educational vibe where the bejeweled bugs add a little sparkle!

bug21 bug18

On a recent visit to Renwick Gallery in DC, we explored this awesome exhibit called 'WONDER'. One of our favorite parts was Jennifer Angus's 'In the Midnight Garden'.



Each design is created by real live insects! Angus hasn't changed or colored them in anyway - these are exactly how they are in real life! They are from Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea and the pink color on the walls is actually from the Cochineal insect living on Cacti in Mexico! How amazing!?



See, bugs can be beautiful! Even if you don't want a whole chair full of them (although, how cute is this one!?) You can grab a cute little gold beetle paper weight or some butterfly pillows to toss on the couch to help bring the serenity that is found in nature right into your home.


global-views-bug  bug19

Or if you don't want them creeping into your living room, you can still get some bugs into your life. Try these plates from Anthropologie or these classy black and white linen napkins.

bug16  bug17

So have fun with it! Enjoy spring and all is has to bring - even the bugs!



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